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You may see some photos of people you know, a poem by Lois Saurbier,some art work(Our official logo, designed by Laura Dorfler of Oakley, CA, my youngest kid) and similar items. You may know that the organization was named by Fr. Mike Sreboth , then of Mobile , Alabama, Circa, 1987, when the membership was but three:President and Founder and self declared "Dictator for Life", Bill Galbreath, Sylvester Diederich and yours truly. We have taken on a number of new members since that time and,of course, lost a few to the Grim Reaper, including the aforementioned Sylvester ,former Stevensville Postmaster, Gerald Howard, a fine athlete and WWII Hero in every sense of the word. We meet Mon. thru Sat. at 8:30 A.M. at the Big Boy Restaurant in Stevensville very near Exit 23 on I-94, on Red Arrow Highway. (Old U.S. 12 in my day), where the owners have been very hospitable and the employees are very considerate and put up with our various indiocyncrancies, complaints and comments .
Off to the meeting,    Ray.